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New Alfie interview!


Harry Potter fans know Alfred Enoch best as portraying Gryffindor Dean Thomas in the film series, from Sorcerer’s Stone to the finale in Deathly Hallows: Part 2. While Alfie was making the films, he stuck to his studies, and recently graduated with a BA in Modern Languages at Oxford University.


Well, this is it.: STORY TIME!


So, I ran into my boyfriend during the first interval of King Richard the Third.

Okay, not exactly BUT during the first interval of King Richard the Third it started to pour down into the yard (hence the reason I look like crap, ugh!!) and my friends and I decided to walk to the Gift…

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Alfie and Tom in Australia November 11, 2012


guys, i’m kind of in love with Alfie Enoch

i mean have you seen him

so fucking gorgeous

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Well didn’t they grow up nice…?

And can I just take a moment to appreciate the gorgeousness that is Alfie Enoch, because quite frankly if I don’t, who the hell will?

Can’t think why he’s so under-appreciated…

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